Dublin "The Big Brother"


Dublin passed away April 2, 2013 from lymphoma. He was diagnosed August 2012, and lived a lot longer than ever expected with the disease. We were blessed to have that extra time with him, and it fills our hearts with sadness to no longer have his wagging tail by our sides. We will never forget our first child, as he will always be with us. Dublin was our first born. He was extremely intelligent, gentle, and most of all stubborn. A true miniature schnauzer; small body with a big attitude. We brought Dublin into our home in August of 2005. We found a wonderful breeder in southern New Jersey, and met Dublin when he was only 13 days old. He consistently put Jax in his place around the house. Every once in a while, we would hear chasing, a bark, and basically it was Dublin telling Jax get out of his area, and letting him know who was boss. Jax, of course, would fight back, but it was a loosing battle. He would end up in another location on his back. Even with all the playful fighting, the two could not be separated. The bond they shared is special. Especially their common bond of loving Jaxy Paws Dog Biscuits. 

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